Compassion Ministry

Compassion Ministry is:

Meeting real human needs, that provides an opportunity to build trust with people who have been, in many cases overloaded, so that the gospel can be fully shared, and connections can be made with the local church.
1. WARM (Woodlake Addiction Recovery Ministry)- Located in William Wallace Association.
Christian Based Recovery Facility. Sharing the Gospel, Rebuilding Lives.
2. Hope Center - Located in Two Rivers Association.
Food Bank and Thrift Shore.
Taking care of needy families in Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes. At the same time making
an effort to connect these families to our local churches.
Reaching people all over the world without ever leaving home. Providing food, conversation
and of course, sharing the Gospel.
Providing food and sharing the Gospel. This ministry is operated by multi denominations
working together to help the needy.
5. Washington Parish Food Bank - Washington Association.
This facility also provides food for the needy, as well as sharing the Gospel, and connecting
them to the local churches.
6.  Bogalusa Tutoring Ministry -After School Program. The Bogalusa tutoring ministry will provide an opportunity to demonstrate and share the gospel with the children and families in our community.